Adult Intermediate Course



COST: £60 for 5 Weeks. For Seniors aged 16+ and covers

The Senior Intermediate Course is designed to follow on and compliment a Beginners’ course. We also welcome beginners who have fenced elsewhere. First we will introduce you to electric fencing and the bout format used in competitions. We will also provide introductions to epee and sabre, covering the techniques specific to those weapons. You will learn:

Attacks: point control and hitting to hand, arm, leg and foot.
Defence: repostes with opposition
Epee distance and timing
Rules and conventions of epee

Attacks: delivering the hit, direct attacks to head, chest and flank, stop cuts
Defence: 2nd defensive triangle, direct repostes
Sabre footwork, timing and distance
Rules and conventions of sabre
At the end of the course you will be ready to join with the established members of the club fencing with your preferred weapon. In accordance with British Fencing rules, you will need buy your own fencing breeches and wear them in the intermediate course.

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