Adult Beginners Course


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COST: £110 For Seniors aged 16+ and covers

Our Senior Beginners’ Course is an excellent introduction to the sport. Building week-on-week, but with regular consolidation, you will learn to fence safely and enjoyably. Our course follows the British Fencing foil syllabus for grades 1 and 2, covering:

Fencing safety
Grip, on guard position, distance, movement, high and low positions
Attacks: direct, lunge, disengage, feints and compound attacks
Defence: simple, semi-circular and circular parries, repostes
Blade work: engagement, pressure, beats
Rules of fencing, fencing salute and basic refereering.

For insurance purposes you’re required to join British Fencing.  Membership is free for 90 days under the ‘Introduction Membership’ (with no credit card registration required). 

Note: Select the ‘Region -> South East’ and ‘Club -> Streatham Fencing Club’.

After you’ve registered enter your registration number at the checkout, after clicking ‘



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Autumn 15th September – 3rd November 2022, Winter 12th Jan – 2nd March 2023, Summer 27th April – 15th June 2023